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As part of the Your Agency Agency community program, a new charity campaign is now active, in support of unprivileged children in Anchorage, Alaska.

With agencies in Anchorage and Wasilla, AK, Your Agency Agency celebrates the beginning of a new charity campaign as part of its ongoing Community Program, now looking to raise funds to provide healthy and nutritional meals to hungry children in their community. In collaboration with Kid’s Kitchen, the agency announces that those with a heart for supporting the overall wellbeing and developmental necessities of


Your Agency, the agency’s principal, who has helped touch the lives of many other kids in the communities where his agencies are inserted, attested, “It’s sad to think that so many children in our community don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Kid’s Kitchen is such a blessing to kids in need and we are so excited to fundraise for them so they can feed even more kids in need.”

The agency has set a goal of $500. To achieve that goal, the agency’s network of customers, business partners, friends, staff and family are being invited to actively participate by not only contributing financially, but also by helping spread the word to others.

Your Agency Agency continues to employ its own resources to ensure the success of their community program. The current campaign is being promoted through the agency’s social media channels, email and text message communications, as well as through their monthly magazine, delivered to thousands of households in Alaska. In fact, Our Hometown magazine reserves a full page to feature this worthy cause, including all of its details. The electronic Flipbook version of the current issue can be accessed here:

The donations page at will be kept active until the end of February, where donors can contribute. The agency will acknowledge in their monthly magazine all of those who donate a minimum of $5 to help with the purchase of nutritional meals for kids in need.